Natural looking professional spray tan

Bring a glamorous glow to your special occasions with a fabulous Sienna X spray tan.
Thereís no better way to look healthy and gorgeous than with a tanning treatment before events and holidays.

Occasions such as weddings are the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself in some pampering beauty treatments and fake tanning is an important aspect of many peopleís preparations. Whether itís a red carpet event or a night out, a subtle glow can boost your confidence, even out your skin tone and have you looking your best.

Full body £20.00 or 2 for £30.00 (must be at the same time)

Full body with contouring £25.00

Half body/legs £15.00

NOW OFFERING Sienna X Tonight's the Night rapid tanner!
Sienna X rapid tan is our secret weapon for party season - get a morning treatment, which takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and flaunt your golden skin by that very same afternoon. The solution is applied in the same way as the our original Sienna X spray tan and the fast acting formulation will create a caramel-coloured tan on the skin that lasts up to a five days. The guide colour takes just 2 hours to develop on lighter skin tones but those with darker complexions should leave the solution on for 4 hours in total to achieve a beautifully burnished glow.

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Sienne X spray tanning pre-care and after-care info


1- Patch test available if preferred 24hrs prior to treatment but not compulsary
2-Shave / Wax 24-48 hours prior to treatment to give your pores time to close. Open pores may cause spotting.
3- Exfoliate and moisturise 24 hours prior to treatment to remove any dead skin cells and body oils
4- Do not use make-up, de-oderants, perfume or moisturiser on the day as your sienna x spray tan turn green (The green colour will wash off after your 8 hours developing time).
5- You can be spray tanned in the garment of your choice or ladies can be sprayed nude. Underwear or bathing suits work well. Men are required to wear underwear or shorts. Disposable pants provided if needed.
6- Wear loose fitting dark clothing and bring flip flops to avoid removing your tan or staining your clothes.


1- Do not exercise the first day, perspiring immediately after tanning alters the chemical reaction.
2- Avoid steam / water for the first 8 hours after having a spray tan as your tan is developing. Water / steam will remove the tan leaving you patchy.
3- Avoid wearing tight fitted clothing for at least 8 hours after treatment to avoid rubbing the tan
4- Bath / Shower 8 hours or more after your sienna x spray tan, preferably leave on overnight.
5- Moisturise daily to help maintain your sienna x spray tan
6- Gently pat your skin dry after bathing, do not rub..
7- Gently exfoliate on day 5-7 to encourage even fading.
8- Avoid chlorine as this can cause your tan to fade faster.
9- Avoid waxing and tinting for duration of wearing your sienna x spray tan