Sophie Upsall Stylist/colourist

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Ladies cut, blow-dry & finish
Maintaining your style or a trimming the ends includes wash & blow-dry

Ladies re-style, blow-dry & finish
Taking off more than an inch or looking for a complete change of style includes wash & blow-dry

Ladies dry trim £17.00
Less than an inch taken off, this is not available for restyle

Men's cut £10.00

Short/shoulder length £12.00 long £15.00

Ceramic curls/waves
£15.00 with blowdry £22.00

Classic Balayage lights
Low commitment colour using balayage or foil higlights to enhance your natural hair colour with a few pieces artfully scattered through the hair to give a light boost.
£37.00 long/extra thick £47.00

Bespoke Tinting 
Tailored to your needs, your colourist will use a combination of tint, balayage and highlights to give you the look you want. The perfect service for when you want the enhancement of balayage plus cover for your roots.
£55.00 long/extra thick £65.00

Full head colour short hair £38.00 long hair £40.00

Regrowth application £33.00

Stretched regrowth £35.00

T Section foils £35.00 long thick £55.00

Half head foils short shoulder length £35.00 long thick £40.00

Full head foils short shoulder length £45.00 long thick £55.00

Partial Pre colour/toner £17.00

Full head toner £30.00

15 minute Colour consultation and Patch test £5.00