Skin tightening, age spots, pigmentation, and thread veins

Phaser EPl is an extremely effective treatment for photo rejuvenation, especially for fine lines, thread veins, photo-ageing(sundamaged) skin and hyperpigmentation. The EPL red and yellow light emits energy which causes a reaction in the deeper dermal layers of the skin

How does the treatment work ?

The Phaser EPL emits a unique dual band of yellow and red smartlite from a hand piece held against your skin. The red light targets the pigmented areas of skin, hyperpigmentation. The energy penetrates below the skin's surface, where the unwanted brown pigment (melanin) lives. The heat breaks down this pigment into tiny particles, which either rise to the skin's surface as scabs (naturally sloughing away within a week or so), or get carried away by the body's lymphatic system.The energy in the yellow light tricks the skin into thinking it's been damaged resulting in the production of new collagen thickening the epidermis and thereby diminishing fine lines and the redness associated with red veins.

What does the treatment involve ?

A detailed examination of skin, consultation and patch test is carried out at the initial appointment.
During the treatment you will wear wear protective eyewear while the EPL operator moves the hand piece slowly over your skin firing the smartlite exactly where required. Most people experience minimal discomfort feeling no more than a tingling/heating sensation. Cooling is applied during and after treatment to minimise this sensation.

Are there any side effects ?

With general photo rejuvenation there are little or no side effects and any skin type can benefit from a treatment.
When treating rosacea the skin may initially become redder before it improves.
When treating hyperpigmentation the pigmented areas are treated at very high levels, this means the pigmentation can darken and blister afterwards. The blistered area will heal like a regular burn, by firstly turning into a scab then healing within a 2-4 week period. This is the reason why hyperpigmentation treatment is only suitable for white skin. A patient aftercare leaflet and advise will be discussed after each treatment.

How many treatments are needed ?

Results can be seen from a course of 3-6 treatments depending on the skin condition. Treatments are carried out at varying intervals from weekly to monthly depending on the skin condition. We recommend top up treatments every 3-6 months afterwards.

Photo rejuvenation facial prices

Consultation free of charge
Patch test £35.00
Single treatment small area £55.00
Single treatment Large area £75.00
Single treatment Full face £100.00
Single treatment full face and decoltage £125.00

10% off course of 3 includes free patch test
20% off course of 6 includes free patch test